The Minerals Commission (MC) is a government agency established under Article 269 of the 1992 Constitution and the Minerals Commission Act 1993, Act 450. The Minerals Commission as the main promotional and regulatory body for the minerals sector in Ghana is responsible for “the regulation and management of the utilization of the mineral resources of Ghana and the coordination and implementation of policies relating to mining. It also ensures compliance with Ghana’s Mining and Mineral Laws and Regulation through effective monitoring.

The Minerals Commission is responsible for the regulation and management of the utilization of the mineral resources of Ghana and the co-ordination of policies in relation to them.


  • Formulate recommendations of national policy for exploration and exploitation of mineral resources with special reference to establishing national priorities having due regard to the national economy;
  • Advise the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources on matters relating to minerals and review mineral rights agreements;
  • Monitor the implementation of laid down Government Policies on minerals and report on this to the Minister;
  • Monitor the operations of all bodies or establishments with responsibility for minerals and report to the Minister;
  • Receive and assess public agreements relating to minerals and report to Parliament;
  • Secure a firm basis of comprehensive data collection on national mineral resources and the technologies of exploration and exploitation for national decision making; and
  • Perform such other functions as the Minister may assign to it.
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