Achieve MDF goals through strategic planning, implementation, management, and reporting of its affairs to the Board and day-to-day coordination of its activities.


Provide technical and administrative support for the achievement of the objectives of the Mining Community Development Scheme.


Advise and supervise the implementation of administrative policies and support services to facilitate the work of MDF.


Provide technical, operational, and administrative leadership for effective financial management for the achievement of the objectives of the Secretariat.


Provide advisory support on research-related projects for effective funds management for the achievement of the objectives of the Secretariat.


Provide leadership and communication strategy for efficient management and maintenance of a good image and reputation of the institute.

Administration Unit

The Administration is in charge of the total management of human resource and responsible for driving the objectives of the Secretariat to achieve the proper management and disbursement of Funds.  Also, liaise directly with the Board to inform of the Secretariat’s progress in the disbursement and management of the Funds.

Public Relations Unit

To assist the Minerals Development Fund (MDF) Secretariat to effectively communicate itself internally and to raise awareness among respective stakeholders to elicit their understanding and participation in achieving the objectives of the Fund

Mining Community Development Scheme Coordination Unit

In charge of the establishment of Local Management Committees for the management of Mining Community Development Scheme to manage Funds disbursed locally. Also, advocate for economic development projects for Mining Communities and make recommendations to the Secretariat for execution of these projects.

Account Unit

In charge of good financial practices of the Secretariat and its Fund Beneficiaries. Also establishes and implement financial policies and procedures in accordance with Public Financial Management Act, (PFM Act 912, 2016). To safeguard assets and liabilities of the Secretariat as well as adherence to Internal and Management Control Systems prescribed by law. Also, ensure compliance with the accounting procedures and timely reporting and ensure maintenance of proper accounting records

Research Unit

The Work to implement the Research Policy of the MDF, oversee data collection, and through the Research Committee recommend to the MDF Board for Research Proposals for Funding. Liaise and provide advice to Research Institutions and other stakeholders on mining related and MDF funded Research. Also, the unit manages transport issues at the Secretariat and in charge of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) duties at the Secretariat.

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

The Department undertakes monitoring and evaluation of project under the Mining Community Development Scheme. Also, all projects under Research are monitored and evaluated for the proper utilization of the Funds.

Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit is an independent ,objectives assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organisations objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

The basic functions of the internal Audit Unit  is to evaluate internal control , perform risk assessment to mitigate risk , Prepare annual audit plan which provide the framework to execute the thrust areas and  audit programs, review corporate governance structures put in place whether  robust  and help  to achieve  organisation objectives.

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